Photographing your sexy !!!!


Feel sexy ! Feel empowered ! Feel your best !

Now is the time to book your boudoir session! I want every woman to walk away feeling sexy and beautiful! I want you to look at your images and say, "I am beautiful" !!!      


Feel free to email me with any questions!!!

Martine at jesuisbelleboudoir@gmail.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get a boudoir shoot?

I believe every woman deserves a boudoir shoot! You are beautiful and I want you leaving saying, Je Suis Belle!!! I am beautiful!!!

What is Boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography for me is beautiful, sexy, classy, intimate photos of a woman! My style is focused on make you look your best! My training comes from some of the best boudoir photographers in this country and there are secrets in posing to enhance your beauty with a little flirt-y-ness !!!! That's why I say bring on your sexy!!!

Do I need to bring my own outfits?

I recommend you bring your own outfits because you will feel comfortable in them. Also I find that your own lingerie has more meaning to you! I do have a few samples in my studio you can borrow though!!! And remember heels, heels, heels !!!! We will go through your outfits together before the shoot and use what I think will photography best! So bring more! More the merrier!!! Also don't forget cute things like t-shirts, tank tops, anything meaningful, hockey jersey etc. I will email you a Lingerie Guide when you book your appointment!

How long is my boudoir shoot?

The shoot depends on the package you are interested in, but a shoot will usually take up to 2 hrs! It can be longer if we try something new! I never book more than one client a day, so we literally have a lot of available time! I never want to hurry!

What about hair and make up?

Hair and make up is a MUST!!! You must wear fake eyelashes, or have extensions in, because the lights I use will lose those details! Those lights will wash out your everyday make up! You can use your own make up and hair person, or you can do it yourself as long as you have experience in make up and hair, in this case you would arrive at the studio hair and make up ready!  For extra charge, a hair and make up specialist can come to the studio for you! 

Is there a session fee?

I do not have a session fee but I do have a $100 deposit fee to hold your session date! That $100 is then applied to one of the packages you will purchase.  If you decide not to purchase anything, I do keep that $100 deposit for the time in taking your portraits. But will be held for 3 months if you later decide you want to buy a package! 

Can I bring props?

Some props are suitable for your shoot, but not all are! So if you have props in mind let's discuss them first! 

I want to do a shoot with a friend, can I ?

Absolutely!!! You would each pay your $100 deposits, and each purchase your own packages! The session will double in time! As long as your ideas are similar there should be no problem!

Do you publish my photos on your site or social media?

Anything published is per your consent! You will sign a release but I take the upmost care in posting photos that only you are comfortable with!!! Your privacy is of most importance to me!!!

When do I get my photos or my order?

I will usually have your photos edited and ready within 2-4 weeks, depending on my schedule! I do all the work myself to guarantee I am 100% satisfied with your portraits! No one else sees your photos but me!!!